The 4 Pillars of Internet Marketing

Since the launch of the internet, businesses have taken their marketing strategies a notch higher. Internet marketing has now become better than other traditional methods. Studies show that internet marketing is actually more effective than traditional marketing. This perception is not the case in every company due to lack of proper maximization on the 4 tenets of internet marketing. In as much as it is said that internet marketing is successful, one ought to adhere to 4 key principles.

1. Search engines

Online presence is seen via search engines. Most people have discovered websites through search engines such as yahoo and Google. A lot of people tend to visit sites that show in the first page of search engine results and rarely bother to see subsequent pages. This is why profit-minded business people ensure that their sites are optimized so that they appear in the first pages of these results. Internet marketing is most successful for people who use SEO to their advantage in that they always appear in the top 5 results of major search engines. This way, a lot of traffic is increased into a site. More people get to know about the site and word of mouth spreads. If search engine optimization is properly done, one’s traffic will help increase traffic and ultimately close in more sales.

2. Email marketing

It is common to find pop-up windows in sites asking one to subscribe to email updates. This is an effective pillar of internet marketing. There are people who always need a second round conviction in order to convert from mere prospects to customers. Whenever a visitor peruses a site, it is prudent to ask him or her via a popup window to sign up and receive updates from time to time. In the course of receiving these updates, most prospects end up becoming customers. However, one should avoid sending unnecessary mails and the frequency must be moderate.

3. Social media

For a long time, the social media has wrongly been perceived as an avenue for people to only meet new people and interact. Businesses have learned that this is a rich avenue for internet marketing. In Facebook for example, businesses have created pages where customers like and interact with the business owners and even make sales. Most businesses have earned more customers via this cheap and effective method.

4. Business blogs

These frequently inform clients of new products, prices and offers. An interesting blog keeps people engaged, prompting them to refer other clients to the business. A good business-customer relationship is always built via this method.

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