Common PPC Advertising Mistakes

Pay per click advertising is a type of internet marketing used to drive traffic to websites, where advertisers pay the publisher when their ad is clicked. Advertisers typically bid for certain keyword phrases in search engines which are relevant to target market. For website owners who want to include Par per Click advertising in their search marketing campaign, them am very sure you know the effects a small change can have on your overall campaign performance. There are various common mistakes that one should avoid, these include:


Targeting a lot of keywords


Adding too many keywords to your campaign is tempting but it is not always a good strategy. It is advisable not to bid on so many keywords. Instead target keywords that only relate to your primary business. Having so many keywords is a grave mistake as when users click on your ad and cannot find what they are looking for, and then you incur losses as not traffic will be increased in your website.


Choosing your homepage as your ads landing page


The homepage of any website is the gateway to your online business, but when you want to draw traffic with targeted search keywords then you definitely want users to go through the whole navigation process. It is not always wise to redirect Pay per Click ads to your homepage, instead redirect them to the specific pages that the prospects are searching for.


Failing to make your contact information clear


This is one of the greatest mistakes that advertisers make. Making your visitors struggle to find your contact information is not the right move. This is because, the more time they use on searching your information, the less likely they will do business with you.


Failure to test keywords and set up conversions


There is need to test everything about your campaigns and be aware of searchers information. This will help in taking up information about your site and increase conversions. Failing to set up conversion tracking on your contact forms, phone numbers or on any other way you use to collect information may minimize your success rates.


Internet Marketing

The 4 Pillars of Internet Marketing

Since the launch of the internet, businesses have taken their marketing strategies a notch higher. Internet marketing has now become better than other traditional methods. Studies show that internet marketing is actually more effective than traditional marketing. This perception is not the case in every company due to lack of proper maximization on the 4 tenets of internet marketing. In as much as it is said that internet marketing is successful, one ought to adhere to 4 key principles.

1. Search engines

Online presence is seen via search engines. Most people have discovered websites through search engines such as yahoo and Google. A lot of people tend to visit sites that show in the first page of search engine results and rarely bother to see subsequent pages. This is why profit-minded business people ensure that their sites are optimized so that they appear in the first pages of these results. Internet marketing is most successful for people who use SEO to their advantage in that they always appear in the top 5 results of major search engines. This way, a lot of traffic is increased into a site. More people get to know about the site and word of mouth spreads. If search engine optimization is properly done, one’s traffic will help increase traffic and ultimately close in more sales.

2. Email marketing

It is common to find pop-up windows in sites asking one to subscribe to email updates. This is an effective pillar of internet marketing. There are people who always need a second round conviction in order to convert from mere prospects to customers. Whenever a visitor peruses a site, it is prudent to ask him or her via a popup window to sign up and receive updates from time to time. In the course of receiving these updates, most prospects end up becoming customers. However, one should avoid sending unnecessary mails and the frequency must be moderate.

3. Social media

For a long time, the social media has wrongly been perceived as an avenue for people to only meet new people and interact. Businesses have learned that this is a rich avenue for internet marketing. In Facebook for example, businesses have created pages where customers like and interact with the business owners and even make sales. Most businesses have earned more customers via this cheap and effective method.

4. Business blogs

These frequently inform clients of new products, prices and offers. An interesting blog keeps people engaged, prompting them to refer other clients to the business. A good business-customer relationship is always built via this method.

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Internet Marketing

SEO & Images

Here’s a little exercise: on the top menu of your web browser, find the “View Source” command, usually under the View of Display menu depending on what browser you’re using.

This will open up the source code of the web page you are looking at and is the way that search engine spiders (the automated programs that index your website) see your web pages. Notice that there are no images displayed in the source, only text and image filenames. That means the all of the images on your website are, to the search engine’s eyes, nothing but collections of text.

No matter how wonderful and content-rich your images may be, they will do nothing to help your search engine ranking, unless you do something about it.

The first thing to alter is the alt text of your images. Put your mouse cursor over an image and hold it in place. Does a little text box pop up with a description of the image? If so, then you are seeing the alt text, if there is nothing, then there has been no alt text entered for that image.

There are both benefits and drawbacks to alt text, so not everybody uses it for every image. If you’ve already got adequate keyword and phrase saturation in your web content, then image alt text may be a bit overkill for your site and that may hamper your rankings, due to search engines’ aversion of keyword oversaturation.

If, however, your website is dependent on images, for instance if you are promoting art work or some other strictly visual medium, then alt text will allow you to add in the keywords and phrases that will help your site get ranked.

Is alt text for you? That depends on your own site, but you should at the least be aware of it as an SEO option.

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